1. Kate Burgauer

    Creative Editor and Writer

    Video ProducerWriter
  2. Spencer Shell

    designer // web developer // filmmaker

    DesignerVideo ProducerWeb Developer
  3. Bruce DeBoer

    Professional Photography + Video

    Audio ProducerMarketerPhotographerPrint ProducerVideo ProducerWriter
  4. Austin Simmons

    Designer & Image Maker

    DesignerPhotographerVideo Producer
  5. Mike Esser

    I am video

    MarketerMusicianVideo Producer
  6. Sophia Hitchcock

    Owner SO|MO Studios, Motion Graphics Designer

    DesignerIllustratorMotion DesignerPhotographerVideo Producer
  7. Larry Evans

    Director, Film-Maker

    ArtistVideo ProducerWriter
  8. Jennifer Gray


    ArtistPhotographerVideo Producer
  9. Nathan Lang

    Voice Over Artist

    ArtistAudio ProducerVideo Producer
  10. Jordan Elmore

    designer + video producer

    DesignerVideo ProducerWriter
  11. Jake St. Peter

    Photographer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer

    PhotographerVideo ProducerWeb Developer
  12. Dirigo Creative

    Web Development, Graphic Design, Video Production

    DesignerMarketerPhotographerVideo ProducerWeb Developer
  13. Nathan Huening

    Creative Director

    DesignerVideo ProducerWeb Developer
  14. David DiGirolamo

    Creative Director and Diabolical Mastermind

    ArtistDesignerVideo Producer
  15. Brandon James Clarke

    Production Specialist

    DesignerIllustratorVideo Producer
  16. Michael Back

    Visual storyteller in film/video + photography

    PhotographerVideo Producer
  17. Ryan Shelley


    PhotographerVideo Producer
  18. Alice White

    Video Editor and Designer

    DesignerIllustratorVideo Producer
  19. Jacob Diehl

    Video Creator

    MusicianPhotographerVideo Producer
  20. Byron Raphael

    Motion Graphic Designer

    ArtistDesignerVideo Producer
  21. Jacob Diehl

    Creating stories through music and film

    MarketerPhotographerVideo Producer
  22. April Rummage

    * Design with Purpose *

    DesignerPhotographerVideo Producer
  23. Bryan Regan

    Creative Jumper

    PhotographerPrint ProducerVideo Producer
  24. Richard Horvath

    Web Designer & SEO Expert

    MarketerVideo ProducerWeb Developer
  25. Joe Scarborough

    Sr. Video Production Director/Producer

    Audio ProducerDesignerMarketerPhotographerVideo Producer
  26. Emily Brearey

    Motion Graphics Designer

    ArtistDesignerVideo Producer
  27. Jenn Halweil

    Social Entrepreneur

    Event ProducerMarketerVideo Producer
  28. Mark Zhu

    motion graphics designer, videographer

    DesignerMotion DesignerVideo Producer
  29. Nick Dezern

    Fun, driven, team player. Let's collaborate.

    Video Producer